Top 10 Worst Batman Performances

Batman has always been my favorite comic book hero. I grew up watching Batman: the Animated Series and all of its spin-offs. I decided to compile a list of actors who have played Batman live action or voice acting, but did a terrible job. These guys are the worst of the worst. They gave it the old college try, but failed in epic fashion. Come on, it’s Batman Day. Time to celebrate!


10. Ben Affleck – Buttfleck as he’s become to be known. He played the Dark Knight with the emotional fortitude of a child in Batman V Superman and Justice League. A Batman who has no trouble putting civilian lives in jeopardy while he mows down criminals. Goes to show you, angsty does mean dark and brooding.

09. Troy Baker – Appearing in several Lego Batman shorts (not to be confused with the film). He was not a good Batman (okay, I’ll give him The Telltale video game), but he made a superior version of The Joker.

08. Rino RomanoThe Batman was an animated series that was significantly different than Batman: TAS. It would not have been so bad, if the voice acting was not so terrible.

07. Steve Blum – Voicing Batman in the video game Lego Batman: The Video Game, he just could not cut it. He is a talented voice actor, but Batman he is not.

06. Jeremy Sisto – His voice was deep, but that was it. It had no intimidation factor or that special focus that brings terror in the heart of villains. Also Justice League: New Frontier could have been good like the comic book, but it wasn’t.

05. Dick Gautier – Appearing in a PSA with Burt Ward, he was Batman when Adam West declined. It just wasn’t impressive.

04. Olan Soule – He’s good in The Andy Griffith Show, but not as Batman, appearing in several animated shows during the 60s.

03. Anthony Ruivivar – In the awful series Beware The Batman, which was little more than a Greenpeace propaganda series, he did not even make a mark.

02. Jimmy Kimmel – The poor man’s late-night host is also a terrible version of The Dark Knight, appearing in Teen Titans Go: To The Movies.


01. George Clooney – Is anyone surprised? In Batman & Robin, Clooney’s poor performance is what caused a delay in any future Batman films until the introduction of The Dark Knight trilogy.

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What did you think? Let me know in the comments below and tell me if there’s a worse Batman. While you’re at it, check out my thoughts on the Top 10 Best Batman performances. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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