Ranking The Aliens Franchise Films

Who does not love a good xenomorph plot? Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise has gone through several iterations over the years. The film series has garnered much praise for its originality, its ability to cross pollinate genres, the strong character developments and the fear factor the alien monsters have brought to the big screen. A few features in the series have received criticism over the confusing story-arcs, its over emphasis on prequels, and plot twists no one cares about. So which movies are the best? I am going to be Ranking The Aliens Franchise Films, specifically the six canonical films from worst to best.

Prometheus (2012)-This film directed by the founder of the franchise attempted to do a spin-off, while pretending it was part of the same series. It lacked virtually any connection to the franchise until the last moments of the film. It had unbelievably stupid characters, ridiculous plot twists, and almost seemed to be a parody of what made the original series so great.

Alien Resurrection (1997)-Jean-Pierre Jeunet was an odd choice to pick up where the original trilogy left off. His focus on genetic tampering and philosophy made the film seem more like a character study than a science fiction film.

Alien: Covenant (2017)- Scott tried to bring his franchise how in order after the disastrous Prometheus. While it still lacked some of the depth of the original films, it brought back its emphasis on science fiction and horror, giving it a spine-tingling sense, though it was flawed.

Alien 3 (1992)- The list may get predictable at this point. This film directed by David Fincher, attempted to bring the franchise to its horror roots. In this nerd’s humble opinion, it is the underrated film of the franchise.

Aliens (1986)- James Cameron took the franchise, changing it from a horror-science fiction film into a grounded action film that is meant to bring about a sense of dread to the characters.

Alien (1979)- Ridley Scott’s first adventure brought terror to the viewers with the infamous “in space no one can hear you scream” tagline. It was scary, suspenseful, and downright foreboding. It is a shame that he cannot get his franchise back on track after making something so great.

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