Unpopular Opinion: James Gunn Deserved To Be Fired

I discussed this in a Twitter thread, but I wanted to expand on my thoughts about Disney’s firing of director James Gunn. Personally, I think he really crossed a line and he got what he deserved. Unpopular opinion, I know.

I honestly don’t understand why Conservatives are defending James Gunn. He’s clearly a very disturbed individual. A talent artist, sure, but if you read the tweets, and you’re a normal person, you will think they are gross, creepy, & disgusting. There is nothing funny about it and nothing hypocritical about agreeing that he should have been given the pink slip for his deviant jokes about children.

While it’s true he apologized in 2012, let’s all remember that he kept the tweets up. That doesn’t feel like he was really that sorry. It seems more like he did what all celebrities do and just did what he had to to get a job to make him more famous. We see faux apologies from the Hollywood Left all the time and this is another clear example.

Also, Disney has every right to fire who they want. They are a private company. If Gunn made them look bad with his behavior or statements, they should be allowed to kick him to the curb. If his fans do not like it, they don’t have to watch another Disney movie. Let the markets decide whether or not the public agrees with this decision or not. It’s called freedom of association and a movie company should have the right to not associate with someone who jokes about kids being raped.

Besides that point, what he said was really gross and disturbing. It crossed the line on so many levels. I’ve known people who were sexually abused as kids and they do not find it funny when a celebrity laughs it up at their expense.

Now Gunn has free speech and he can be a horrible human being if he wants, but that does not mean he is free from consequences. Does he deserve the sliming of his reputation? One hundred percent, yes. He said those things, he should pay the price. No one should be shamed for ending associations with him.

If he didn’t want the Twitter mob after him, he should not have written those horrific things on Twitter. Period. This is his fault and his alone. No one else is to blame. He made a gross miscalculation (literally) and he should take the consequences like an adult. On the Right, we often complain about the “boomerang” effect where old tweets are dug up hurting a reputation. In most cases, I would agree that should not happen. However, joking about harming children is a line that should not be crossed.

Also, as Conservatives we can’t say we’re for American values and jump to the defense of someone who joked about raping kids. That is ridiculous. Choose your battles wisely. This is not the situation to scream “free speech!” No one is taking his speech away. The government is not locking him up. He lost his job. He said something horrifying, now he can twist in the wind and accept the consequences like a man. Who knows? Maybe Gunn will get a new deal with Woody Allen.

We, as Conservatives, cannot complain about drag queens teaching school children and then defend a guy who publicly joked about pedophilia. That is completely antithetical to our stance on “conserving” American values.

Now, does that mean James Gunn should never work again? No. He should not be “canceled.” Cancel culture is not cool. He already has film projects lined up and no doubt, this controversy will only help him gain those movies notoriety.

Conservatives, be careful what you tweet. Even the defense of this will come back to bite you next time this happens. Have I said things I regret on Twitter? Sure. Everyone makes mistakes, but Gunn rolled the dice on kid rape jokes and he got snake-eyes. Let it be.

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  1. Oddly enough, I’m a socialist and I completely agree with 99.999999% of what you wrote, completely and in every way. I’ve said virtually the same thing in arguments on the same subject on my side of the fence, where folks are trying to defend this man out of concerns of who made the accusation and the political motive for doing so. To me, it does not matter who made the accusation since he actually did the behavior. Amazing, we clearly don;t agree on much politically but i agree completely that we are responsible for what we post. He was not a kid..he was in his 40’s for crying out loud and more importantly…Regular everyday people would be fired they tweeted anything remotely close to what he did. I know i’d lose my job and career in a heartbeat. He had control over the situation before, during and after he made those tweets….and he should have had the moral turpitude to not make the tweets…or at least the common sense to have deleted them the first time this came up. Nope.

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