StudioJake On The Andrew Klavan Show: Defending Comic Book Films

Last week, Andrew Klavan invited me on his show to discuss comic book films. For months, I have been bugging Klavan to give me that opportunity and it finally came. We had a very productive conversation about the issues where I answered critically all of his questions and critiques to the best of my abilities.

Warning, severe nerding out with in the clip below:

I would like to Klavan for having me on and engaging in a very interesting conversation on the Daily Wire. If you wanted a screaming match, sorry to disappoint you. Klavan is a philosopher and gentleman on-air and off-air, so it was nice of him to invite me on to discuss nerd culture.

I disagree with Klavan on this issue. Just because there is a lot of Marvel films or they do not get incredibly deep when it comes to philosophy, that does not make them bad films or even terrible ones. That is not to say there aren’t. Thor: Dark World anyone? That being said, they are excellent, fun, and it is incredible to watch your favorite character grow and learn.

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2 thoughts on “StudioJake On The Andrew Klavan Show: Defending Comic Book Films

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