Music Review- Joy Villa: Devil in the City

Joy Villa is a number one Billboard, iTunes, and Amazon recording artist who has dazzled fans with her not only with powerful voice, but with her boldness in expressing her politically incorrect views. Without further ado, I want to give a music review for her single Devil In The City, hot off her new EP “Home Sweet Home.”

This new song has veins of the recent sexual misconduct in Hollywood. It tells the story of a starry girl who has dreams of becoming famous, but is soon taking advantage of by a wealthy movie executive. It hits close to home with the recent scandals that come to life, but touches on it in a way that is supportive, thoughtful, and sympathetic.

Villa has a natural gift with music. Her voice and cross-genre appeal really shines in this song. It is well-written and well produced. The lyrics are thought-provoking, the music matches the intensity of the song, and the story the song tells is timely and relevant.

The music video simply has the lyrics as she sings. It perfectly matches with everything that is going on in the song. It pumps right along with the song and unlike other artists who seem to be more concerned with looking artsy, Joy is concerned with making her art worthwhile.

In full disclosure, I know Joy Villa. I respect her a great deal and admire her talent. I enjoy her music and like I said above, I liked this song. Support indie music!

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