Top 10 Movies That Could NOT Be Made Today

In this politically correct environment, it seems that a lot of movies are scrutinized not based on merit, but if it passes the woke test that the idiot social justice whiners (I hate calling them warriors) place on the industry. It stands to reason that a lot of fantastic films could not be made today without it being called racist, sexist, and one of the phobic words that trend in the hashtags. Here is my list of Top 10 Movies That Could NOT Be Made Today:

10. You Only Live Twice – This 1967 James Bond film has 007 going undercover… as a Japanese national. Though he is a secret agent who is obviously on the case, not even the world’s most famous spy could get away with this in today’s climate.

09. What Women Want – Mel Gibson stars in this 2000 movie about a man who gets electrocuted and can now read women’s minds. He uses it to take advantage at his job where his boss is a woman. The movie highlights the difference between men and women. In this era of third wave feminism, which seeks superiority over equality, a movie displaying men and women having different thought processes and roles would make any SJW explode.

08. Won’t Back Down – This 2012 film starring Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal as a teacher and a parent who challenge the teacher’s union hold on their school. It highlights the dirty tactics and bribery the unions use to stay in power and give tenure to teachers who are terrible. SJWs seem to think that if it wasn’t for the unions, the working man would be kept down. While that was true thirty years ago, times have changed.

07. Gods And Generals – This 2003 war epic does not portray the Civil War as a black and white battle between good and evil. In fact, it is shown that commanding officers on both sides are family men who have to shoot their own family because of the war. While it highlights the evil of slavery, its politically incorrect view of the South during the war would likely trigger any historically ignorant SJWs.

06. Tropic Thunder – This 2008 comedy directed by Ben Stiller is a satirical take on war films and Hollywood in general. It has a white character played by Robert Downey, Jr. use dye on his skin to play an over-the-top African-American. This is mocked in the film, however, at the time, the film was called racist so you can imagine modern SJWs self-combusting at the mere sight of it on Netflix.

05. The Color Of Friendship – This 2000 Disney TV movie is about a white South African girl who moves in with an African-American family in the USA as part of a student exchange program. The film shows the prejudice of both the girl and the family before they come together in friendship. Of course, SJWs would tell this girl to “check her privilege.”

04. The Green Berets – John Wayne stars in this 1968 war epic about the Vietnam War. It openly defies the far Left revisionist history about the war and during the opening even debunks falsehoods about the war. Of course, to any left-wing loon, the war was a disaster even though we won.

03. Gone With The Wind – This 1939 drama film show the South after the Civil War. It received several complaints of portraying former slaves returning to their masters as working servants. Though actress Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American Oscar winner for her role in the movie.

The Runner-Up:

02. The King and I – People have criticized this 1951 musical film as a “white privilege” woman taming the savage Asian. The male lead was also accused of “white washing.” One problem, Yul Brynner, who played the King, was of Asian decent. Obviously, the film is more a “learn from each other movie” with both characters realizing their prejudices are getting in the way of their relationship. An animated remake and another version “Anna and the King” attempted to rectify these issues.

The Winner:

01. Blazing Saddles – This is a sarcastic and brutal 1974 comedy directed by Mel Brooks that pokes fun at the Western film genre. It is about an African-American that is appointed sheriff of a racist town. The movie makes racism and bigotry look foolish, but it is laced with racial slurs throughout, not to support it, but to make fun of idiot bigots. That being said, that fact would go right over the far Left SJWs’ heads.

What do you think? Are there any politically incorrect movies you think belong on this list? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out my article on difference between a remake, reboot, and a revival. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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