Musical Urban Legends You Probably Believe Volume 3

Urban Legends have been a part of society since society became a thing. Twice now, I have highlighted some musical conspiracy theories that are fun to speculate about and discuss over game night, but ultimately are untrue. Here is the third batch of five big-time musical hits that developed some interesting Musical Urban Legends You Probably Believe:

Was Roy Orbison blind?

The pop-rock singer was believed to be blind for many years because of the thick dark glasses he would wear while performing. However, he was not blind and considered the glasses a part of his act.

Child Of Mine LIVE

Deep Purple’s 1972 live album Made In Japan, features the hit number. Rumors began circulating after the album arrived in the United States that at some point while the band is performing the song, you can hear gunshots go off. This one appears to be easily dismissed as no one from the concert has come forward with a comment nor has the band even acknowledged the conspiracy theory.

Keith Richards drained of blood?

The Rolling Stones member has long been rumored that he had his blood completely drained and later replaced at a medical facility in Switzerland. He did have a procedure, but it was to remove toxins in his system due to heavy drug use.

Takin’ Care Of Business

The Bachman-Turner Overdrive 70s hit has a unique piano part in the song. For years, rumors circulated that the band ordered pizza while recording the song and when it arrived, the delivery man suggested a piano part, writing notes on their pizza box. In some versions, he even played the piano himself. However, it was late professional pianist Norman Durkee who actually performed the piano on the recording.

The King Of Pop feuds with the Artist formerly known as Prince

During the 80s, Michael Jackson and Prince were said to have genuinely disliked one another, seeing each other as rivals. While they did compete, it was all in good fun with Jackson even trying to recruit Prince for a duet that never came to be.

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