Music Review- Taylor Swift: Delicate

Taylor Swift is hot off her new Album Reputation which features the single Look What You Made Me Do and the cyberpunk themed Ready For It. Her new song Delicate hearkens back to the Taylor Swift we remember. It is enchanting though at times the music video was a little odd. However, I still wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Delicate is the style that enchanted us to Taylor Swift. It is a song of love of a boy who simply sees her as she wants to be seen. She does go back to the “reputation.” Though Swift is known for her feuds with other pop stars and annoying reality TV stars, this song is a message that there are people who still remember her for who she is. It is endearing though at times it seemed she was patting herself on the back a little too much.

The music video is interesting. It shows Swift being surrounded by cheering fans, the paparazzi, getting harassed by an overzealous male fan, and finally locking herself in a room where she realizes that it is all fake. She receives a note that turns her invisible and she seems to enjoy just being herself. At the end, she walks into a restaurant and finds that ordinary people can see her. To me, it was symbolic of who she really cares about, her fans. It is a very kind nod.

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  1. […] As I said before, I did not like Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down.” I found it annoying, childish, and pandering to a woke crowd who is will not purchase her music anyway. That being said, The Lover sounds like old school song that made Swift popular to being with. It was done in a similar style to some of her other songs. It reminds me of “Delicate.” […]

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