Classic Film Review- The Dark Crystal (1982)

Jim Henson co-directed this film with Frank Oz, The Dark Crystal, made in 1982. It is a fantasy film that brought a world to life that catches the eye, puts you on the edge of your seat, and inspires your imagination.

Prior to the events of the film, a powerful crystal on the planet Thra splits, creating the wizard kings Mystics and the the evil Skeksis, a bird-like race that rules through the power of the Dark Crystal.

As he lays dying, one Mystic summons his apprentice Jen (Jim Henson), a Gelfling, telling him that he must heal the cracked crystal or when the three suns align, the Skekis will rule Thra forever. At the same time the ancient Mystic dies, the Skekis emperor dies and the general takes over, beating out the Chamberlain (Frank Oz) for rule. He orders for Jen to be found and captured.

Jen receives shards of the Dark Crystal from an astronomer (Frank Oz) and then heads to heal it. He meets Kira (Kathryn Mullen), a fellow Gelfling who goes with him to try to find the Dark Crystal and restore it. Meanwhile, the mystics travel to the crystal after hearing call to them

It is hard to imagine the creative mind behind The Muppet Show brought such a dark puppet fantasy. It a fantastic adventure that holds has such amazing adventure behind it. It brings a lost art to the film industry. Many have tried to imitate, but none has come close to how amazing it truly is.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Another world, another time, in the age of wonder.


Watch the trailer below:

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