How Billy Graham Inspired Me

Credit: Richard Bromley/Flickr

It was a chilly night in October. Halloween was fast approaching in the year 2002, but that did not stop my church youth group from heading to the Texas Stadium in Dallas-Forth Worth. We had all had a delicious meal on the van ride over and we waited in a seemingly endless line before finally finding a seat somewhere on the nosebleed section in the packed stadium.

After hearing some amazing music from Michael W. Smith and hearing from various preachers, the moment we waited for had arrived.

The evangelist Billy Graham came to the podium. For a significant amount of time, he preached his testimony and spoke boldly about his faith in Jesus Christ.

Though I was and still am confident in my faith, his compassion was not lost on me and I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Hundreds of people came forward and many more to to their knees. It was a powerful moment. It was the last time he came to preach in Dallas, Texas.

Rev. Graham passed away this week, but I know that he received a ticker-tape parade, red carpet, and fanfare when he arrived in glory.

As I reflect on his amazing life, I can see an example to follow. Though he was an imperfect man, he did not let his imperfections stop from his calling.

From him, I learned to be bold, but humble. I learned to be fierce, but gracious. I learned to never stop studying the Bible and listening for God’s calling on your life.

Now, he would be the last person to say that he was a hero, but he was. He was a hero to me and to countless others all over the world.

I will remember him as one of the greatest men to walk the planet as he shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people to hundreds of nations.

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