Kaya Jones On StudioJake: The Olympics, Media, and More!

The always lovely singer-songwriter Kaya Jones called into my vlog StudioJake to talk about the mainstream media’s obsession with the brutal North Korean dictator at the Winter Olympics on Tuesday. The audio interview was so much fun.

Check it out below:

Kaya is one of these people who has such a creative spirit. She brings intelligence and an insight that makes you say “duh” when you hear her speak. She leveled some serious truth bombs at the mainstream media for celebrating North Korea, a brutal communist country where their people are oppressed by the government. It is refreshing to hear from a celebrity who doesn’t care about pandering to be popular and instead stands up for American values.

She also gives some subtle into her music career. If you haven’t definitely download her single “What The Heart Don’t Know” (which I fully endorse.) She also drops some major hints about her upcoming musical projects, so you’re definitely going to want to listen for more information about that. Don’t forget to subscribe to StudioJake for more upcoming episodes, every Saturday.

Find Kaya Jones on Twitter: @KayaJones

What do you think? How well did the Olympics go? Any of the thoughts on what we talked about? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out my interview with political commentator Scottie Neil Hughes. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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