Ten Little Soyboys: A Satirical Poem

10 Little Soyboys

Ten Little Soyboys walking down the street
They think they’re pretty woke, but no one thinks they’re neat

Ten Little Soyboys went out to dine
One ate red meat and then there were nine

Nine little Soyboys think mocking guns is great
One fired off a shot, and now there are eight

Eight little Soyboys don’t believe in Heaven
Got stumped by a preacher, now there’s only seven

Seven little Soyboys go to cruise chicks
The girls thinks they’re gay, and now there’s six

Six little Soyboys go to drink at a dive
They started a fight and now there’s only five

Five little Soyboys hate violence and gore
Went to an antifa rally, now there’s only four

Four little Soyboys think socialism is free
Went to Cuba and now there’s only three

Three little Soyboys protested at the zoo
Tried to set the Tiger free, now there’s only two

Two little Soyboys go for a run
They can’t handle the stress, now there’s only one

One little Soyboy tries to have some fun
Tries to block traffic, and then there were none

This is a poem that is meant for satire and parody. Did you enjoy it? Did you find it funny or did it make you retreat to a safe space? Let me know in the comments below. While you are at it, check out my epic panel on Star Wars: The Last Jedi on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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