#WaybackWednesday – Favorite News Stories Of 2017 Part 1

This year, I started working for The Daily Wire. I mainly work on the social media end, but getting to write stories for the website is pretty cool. Getting to investigate, make phone calls, and watch the articles you post spread online is quite the experience. Working alongside Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, and Michael Knowles is an incredible experience. Here are a few of my favorite stories that I’ve written for The Daily Wire.

Canadian Pro-Life Leader To Pastors: ‘Your Silence Is Killing Us!’– The title says it all. I’m pro-life and proud! This story comes from early June.

‘Veep’ Actress Reveals She’s Another Victim Of The Clinton Email Scandal– Former Seinfeld star and current star of Veep, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, tells how she was affected by the Clinton Email Scandal in August.

Kasich Administration Takes Down Painting Of Confederate General– This is my birthday story about how Ohio Governor John Kasich took down a painting of a Confederate general. The painting honored his defeat, not him as a person. Did you know Kasich’s dad was a postman?

Taylor Swift Is Using Her New Album To Attack Fake News– Taylor Swift defends herself in her new album “Reputation.” The cover, released in August, says it all.

Benjamin Netanyahu Rips EU, Obama In Leaked Recording– The Israeli Prime Minister defends his nation, a free Europe, and Western culture in this epic speech leaked to the press.

WATCH: Fox News Host Rips Hillary Clinton’s Book Tour– Greg Gutfeld brings lots of laughs on ‘The Five’ in September when he does a hilarious monologue on her book tour.

Taylor Swift Wins In Groping Lawsuit Against Former Radio Host– The pop singer won big back in August after a radio host who sued her after she claimed he tried to grope her.

Canadian Pastor Jailed In North Korea Returns Home After Two Years In Prison– After being held by the vicious Kim Jung-Un regime, Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim was freed after being held for a year in the communist dictatorship.

This Woman Prevented A Man’s Suicide. What Happened Next Is AMAZING.- The incredible story was published back in August. Read it and check it out.

Batman Is About To Be Infected With The Social Justice Virus– My take on comic book companies allowing the SJWs to infect their pages.

That is Part 1 of my list. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below which stories you think are pretty cool. Part 2 is up tomorrow. While you are at it, check out my reviews for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets as well as Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Dunkirk. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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