‘Recovery of an MMO Junkie’ Anime Review

Recovery of an MMO Junkie‘ is a romantic comedy anime based on the Comico webcomic manga by Rin Kokuyō. The show is directed by Kazuyoshi Yaginuma for the Japanese animation studio Signal.MD and features ten episodes plus a special.

Moriko Morioka (Terri Doty) is burned-out from her corporate job and decides to live off her savings until she finds a new job. To pass the time, she starts an account with a fantasy MMO where she creates a male character named Hayashi (Aaron Dismuke). Joining a guild, she befriends player Lily (Natalie Hoover) and becomes friends. Unknown to her, Lily is played by businessman and gamer Yuta Sakurai (Josh Grelle) who is friends with one of her former co-workers Homare Koiwai (Ian Sinclair). When the gaming world meets reality, can they handle it?

This is just a good old-fashioned slice-of-life sitcom that happens to be animated. I definitely enjoyed it and was sad that it ended so soon. The show is charming and wholesome with two unlikely characters falling in love in this sort of a modern setting of the online gaming world.

While the pilot was a bit boring, the series definitely picked up and became a great, comedic take on love and relationships. Moriko and Yuta are both good people with interesting story arcs, making it a romantic comedy that everyone can enjoy.

Check out this clip:

This review is based on the dub and has been updated from a previous version.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Minor foul language, Inappropriate humor, Comedic violence

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