25 Conservative Women To Follow On Twitter

Looking for a real feminist to follow instead of those whiny far left talking heads that your annoying friend in Laguna Beach always retweets? They are always ripping the patriarchy, “internalized” misogyny, reading Lenah Dunham’s blog, or giving standing ovations for convicted rapists.

Don’t fret, there are women out there who actually stand up for rights, patriotism, and family values. They defend the innocent and do not buy into the grandstanding that the far left loves to compete in. You might think that they are unicorns, but they are out there in the Twitter universe. I’ll link to their profiles here in no particular order. Be sure to head over and give them a follow.

Elisha Krauss– My colleague at The Daily Wire, check out her witty comments and excellent writing.

Candace Owens– Host of the YouTube channel, RedPillBlack, she triggers all the left.

Liz Wheeler– She hosts Tipping Point on One America News, definitely follow her on social media.

Amanda Prestigiacomo– Amanda is charming, witty, and does not hold back. It’s so cool I get to work with her.

Kassy Dillon– Lone Conservative co-founder always uncovers the best stories to break.

Michelle Malkin– She hosts Michelle Malkin Investigates on CRTV and always calls out crony capitalism and corruption.

Joy Villa– Talented singer-songwriter knows her stuff. She’s not only talented, but could be running from Congress.

Katie Yoder– Covering pop culture and entertainment for the Media Research Council, she always great insights.

Chicks On The Right– This radio host duo also bring the hurt to the far left on social media.

Jenn Jacques– Gun rights advocate and Editor-at-Large of Breach Bang Clear, she can shoot and call the bull malarkey.

Emily Zanotti– Senior editor of The Daily Wire, she’s also writing up something to fill up your Leftist Tears tumbler.

Dana Loesch– A radio host, author, and gun enthusiast, she does not hold back when challenging the left.

Kaya Jones– This talented singer and commentator is smart, sharp, and knows how to hold a rifle.

Roaming Millennial– This YouTuber hits it home with her commentary. She covers everything from pop culture, politics,and lots more!

Courtney Kirchoff– Editor-at-Large for Louder With Crowder and co-host of Morning Grinders, she is all sass and lot of brains.

Sara Gonzales– From TheBlaze, she knows her politics and is not shy about telling the left how it is.

Deneen Borelli– The CRTV commentator and political expert is smart and not afraid to say, “Here’s the deal!”

Brittany Hughes– She is wears the fact that she is blocked by Shannon Watts and a host at MRCTV.

Antonia Okafor– The founder of Empowered2A, she does not let the left put her in a box.

Katie Pavlich– Townhall editor, Fox News contributor, and bestselling author is brilliant and smart.

Allie Stuckey– The Conservative Millennial brings lots of laughter and lots of brains when challenging the far left.

Kimberly Corban– She is a survivor, a victims advocate, and even challenged former President Barack Hussein Obama during a townhall.

Sheila Gunn Reid– The Rebel Media host calls out scandal and corruption in the Canadian government.

Rosemary Dewar– Contributor to Rouser News, Red Alert Politics, and Athens Now, she can talk foreign policy, political science, and more!

Kristin Tate– She hosts the “The Buzz” on The Rebel and a contributor to numerous publications. She is sharp and brainy.

That is my list. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below and tell me if there’s a conservative woman you’d like to see on this list. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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