StudioJake On The Michael Knowles Show: Post-Credit Scene

So how did I end up in The Daily Wire‘s basement and sitting in Michael Knowles’ chair? It’s actually kind of a funny story. Last week, I appeared on the Panel of Deplorables with Lauren Cooley of the Washington Examiner.

We talked about President Trump officially recognizing Jerusalem as the ancient capital of Israel and the Jewish people. It is something that Republican and even Democrat presidents have been promising for sometime, but have never actually delivered on it.

We also touched on President Trump’s once again coincidentally accurate prediction over Islamist threats to the UK after a thwarted attempt to assassinate Prime Minster Theresa May rocked England. The panel mourned the closure of insane asylums after hearing about a woman marrying her chandelier. Finally, we brace for horror film level Armageddon with science creating human-mouse hybrids.

Check it out below and listen all the way to the end for a special easter egg:

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