Movie Review- Star Wars The Last Jedi


Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi premiered in theaters this week. Directed by Rian Johnson, it immediately follows The Force Awakens, picking up right where the film leaves off. Normally, I have a summary of the plot, but I’m afraid I will deliver too many spoilers if I do that. Thus I will give a full dive into my review.

I am no fan of Rian Johnson. I found The Brothers Bloom to be a boring melodrama that was all shock and no substance. Likewise, I found Looper to be one of the worst science fiction flicks ever made. It had bad acting and a plot with way too many holes.

While previously, I expressed my distaste for Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, I feel that he slightly redeemed the role as a young Knight of Ren (not Sith for some reason). He grows in the part and takes him from being a special snowflake villain into becoming a true threat. Likewise, Daisy Ridley is decent as Rey. While her origins are not explored very well, she herself did an excellent job bringing her role to the big screen. They, like everyone, fell victim to bad writing and bad directing.

The film did have a boring subplot where two Resistance fights (not Rebels till later) flee in order to find a code breaker to help in the fight against the First Order fleet. It was boring and ultimately served no purpose in the overall plot of the film. It was just Disney working in some SJW talking points to pander.

One issue with the film is the same as The Force Awakens. It lacks any real originality and served as a mash-up of Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. Sure there are new aliens, characters, etc, but they seem to be younger versions of other tropes in the Original Trilogy. It seems Star Wars under the watchful eye of Disney is afraid of angering misguided fans who lashed out at the Prequel Trilogy. The prequels, for all their faults, built on the franchise, but still brought in original plots that I, as a true fan, enjoyed.

The biggest problem with this movie is its treatment of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammill). He goes from being a Jedi Knight from the OG films to being a loser hermit to contemplated murdering his own nephew. Like Han Solo, he was given the “loser dad” treatment which was appalling. There is no need to destroy the legacy of original character to create one for the new.

With that in mind, producer J.J. Abrams and his team are rehashing old ideas while at the same time, lecturing reluctant fans to “let it go.” Seriously, that line is in the film. It’s a contradiction. Abrams and Disney wants us to accept their new direction, but then they constantly shove the old tropes at the audience. Which is it?

Rogue One solved this problem, bringing in well known tropes, while also balancing it with Gareth Edward’s creative direction. They should allow Edwards to direct IX instead of Abrams. He brought a masterpiece to the Star Wars Universe.

Please note, yes, I am saying that The Last Jedi is a bad film. Rian Johnson is not a good director and the special attention to special affects (which are amazing) highlights that he has no talent in crafting a narrative. It is a truly awful movie and I understand it is dividing fans. Some either like it or really hate it. This is a debate that will go on, at least for hipster fans, but true fans will know that it has no place in the Star Wars saga.

FAVORITE QUOTE: And I am not the last Jedi.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, violence

Check out the trailer below:

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