Music Review- Tyler Ward: Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift Cover)

Singer-songwriter Tyler Ward has brought us some acoustic covers of songs like Can You Feel The Love Tonight and Piece By Piece, as well as original songs like The Hardest Thing, If It’s Not Me, What It’s Like To Be Lonely, Teenage Summer. Today, I’m tackling his newest cover.

Tyler Ward does a rock version of the Taylor Swift’s latest Look What You Made Me Do from her album Reputation. While it is not as good as the original, the lyrics do seem to fit into the rock genre, as opposed to Swift’s pop music. Again, I want to reiterate that Swift’s version is so much better, but I did enjoy Ward’s take. He does a good job of keeping the song’s message and overall feel while adding a new sound to it. It is impressive and his voice matches the song perfectly.

The music video is standard Tyler Ward. It is him recording the various instruments and sounds, making it a mash up of him performing all of the parts that are required for the song. Nothing new, but still pretty cool to watch him do his magic. My only overall complaint is that he makes it too short. The cover is less than two minutes and while I did not expect him to do the rap part, it would have been interesting to see him cover the entire song. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Interesting in seeing this music video? Click on the link in the picture above! Enjoyed this review? Check my post about Swift’s song own original Look What You Made Me Do. Be sure to like and share this article. Don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming music reviews!

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