StudioJake On The Michael Knowles Show: Swampy Shore

Myself, Elisha Krauss, and the Conservative Millennial herself, Allie Stuckey, joined The Michael Knowles Show’s own Panel of Deplorables to hit on politics, pop culture, and even the Pence Rule. Who needs the Jersey Shore when you have the political follies of Washington, DC?

The three of us Christians, we take time to discuss new discoveries about the tomb of Jesus, spoiler alert, it is empty. You won’t find a body in there.

We explore why Millennials say “I feel” instead of “I think.” Personally, I think it is a symptom of the culture. Even if you grew up in the 90s, which had the best cartoon and teen dramas, the shows mislead you into thinking that any problem can be solved in under 30 minutes.

Of course, Knowles has to bring up the latest in Democrat sex scandals.

Check it out below:

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