Music Review- Taylor Swift: Ready For It

Taylor Swift is hot off her single Look What You Made Me Do, a precursor to her upcoming album Reputation. That song blows people’s mind for you and while this new song, Ready For It, has an interesting cyber appeal, it definitely leaves a whole lot to be desired considering the pop singer’s past music.

The song is interesting and catchy. It has themes Swift loves to touch on, including romance and relationships. Instead of a break-up song, this one is more about connecting with the person, albeit on a somewhat superficial level. That being said, it was the unoriginal sound of the song and the way she sang the lyrics I had a problem with. As Swift transitioned from country to pop music successfully, she managed to maintain her unique style. This song feel just like any other pop song that I could find online.

That being said, I did enjoy the music video. It has a cyberpunk feel to it. It took several totems from Ghost In The Shell, portraying Swift as a cyborg and/or android breaking from its constraints to find the humanity that was stolen from it. The special effects, the costumes, the overall feel of it was somewhat that is lacking in the modern music video. I have a feeling this song was on ‘Ghost’s’ soundtrack, though I must have missed it when I saw the film. That definitely made it worth viewing and the song worth listening to.

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