Restaurant To Another World Season 1 Anime Review

Restaurant To Another World is an isekai comedy anime from the Japanese animation studio Silver Link. It is based on the light novel and manga series created by Junpei Inuzuka.

Head chef and master (Christopher R. Sabat) of the Western Restaurant Nekoya owns and operates the popular eatery in Japan. However, to local residents, it is closed on Saturday. It turns out, the door is magical and appears in another dimension filled with demihumans, vampires, elves, dwarves, warriors, and magical beings who come to try to cuisine on Earth. One such is the young lady Aletta (Jill Harris) who, along with the morphing black dragon Kuro (Monica Rial) becomes a waitress and listens to the wonderful stories from each unique patron.

The animation and the character designs on the show are superb. They do a good job of showing the origins of the patrons and how they can take a load off from their adventures within the restaurant. I do not know what I was expecting, but I found it very wholesome.

In a way, this anime was a reverse isekai. Instead of someone from the normal world going to a new one, fantasy creatures come to ours to enjoy some food. I found it very chill and loved hearing all of the adventures from the patrons. It is definitely one you can turn on and enjoy with some popcorn.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Rude humor, Minor violence

Check out this clip below:

This review is based on the dub from Funimation.

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