Graphic Novel- X-Men Schism

X-Men Schism is a storyline that brought together several comic book series together following the ‘M Day’ event when millions of mutants suddenly lost their powers. It is written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by several artists including Carlos Pacheco, Frank Cho, Daniel Acuña, Alan Davis, and Adam Kubert. The plot deals with a split in the X-Men with some siding with Cyclops and others with Wolverine.

As Cyclops speaks at the United Nations with Wolverine present, a telepathic mutant named Quentin Quire arrives and forces the UN delegates to confess their deepest regrets. Afterwards, the young child prodigy Kade Kilgore, who brutally takes over the Hellfire Club, sends Sentinels to attack the UN and other places around the world, prompting Cyclops to send X-Men around the world to stop them.

After Cyclops orders the young mutant Oya to kill Hellfire Club attackers at the Mutant History Museum in San Francisco, Wolverine begins to doubt Scott Summers ability to lead the X-Men. This leads to a climatic battle between Cyclops and Wolverine as a Super Sentinel heads to the Utopia Island where the X-Men are based.

This is one of my favorite Marvel Comics storylines. While it is during Professor Xavier’s retirement following the death Jean Grey aka The Phoenix, it brings together the best characters and creates a flowing narrative of two separate visions for mutants. Jason Aaron is impressive and he keeps the plot interesting. I was not too found of the child prodigies taking over the Hellfire Club and becoming the main villains, but it did not disrupt my interest.

The artwork, especially the finally climatic battle between Cyclops and Wolverine. Adam Kubert illustrates that battle with imagination, but a strange reality as two visions for the X-Men collide.

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