Top 10 Favorite Disney Films (Before 2010)

What member of Generation Y did not at least see a Walt Disney Animated Film in their lifetime. I know I did. They were an enduring part of my childhood and I enjoyed many nights of magic from the minds at the famous movie company. This is a list my top 10 favorite Disney movies that came out before 2010.

101 Dalmatians– The tale of a pair of dogs and their humans who hunt for kidnapped puppies, capture by the villainous Cruella DeVille.

Treasure Planet– This is a futuristic take on the novel Treasure Island, but instead turns it into a space adventure full of pirates and adventure.

The Great Mouse Detective– This adventure takes the story of Sherlock Holmes and recreates him as Basil of Baker Street, a mouse trying to stop Professor Ratigan from taking over the kingdom.

Hercules- The son of Zeus has to take on Lord Hades before he unleashes the deadly titans on Mount Olympus.

Mulan- A young woman disguises herself as a man so her father does not have to go to war in ancient China. Mulan, a cricket, and a dragon named Mushu join the army to stop invaders from conquering their home.

Robin Hood– This story is told with wit and whimsy, making Robin an intelligent fox battling the cruel Prince John, a lion.

Pocahontas- The movie may be historically inaccurate, but with a stellar voice cast and a powerful story, it captures the magic of the America’s early days.

Oliver And Company- A kitten named Oliver gets lost and ends up meeting a pack of street smart dogs living in New York City.

Beauty and the Beast- The romantic story of Belle meeting a mysterious beast in a hidden castle. Things are more than they seem, as the enchanted place comes to life and the beast is revealed to be a tragic character.

The Lion King- The young lion cub, Simba, is heir to the Pride Land. However after his father dies in front of him, he runs away allowing his Uncle Scar to take over and rule with an iron paw.

Those are my favorite Disney films, but what’re yours? Let me know in the comment section below. Be sure to like and share! Don’t forget to subscribe for more entertainment and pop culture articles like this one!

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