Graphic Novel Review- Scott Snyder’s AD: After Death

Scott Snyder is a master at storytelling. He has been writing amazing Batman stories lines, especially with All-Star Batman for DC Comics. It is his turn at Image Comics where he produced a trilogy of graphic novel illustrated by Jeff Lemire titled AD: After Death.

Deep into the future, man has found a cure for death. As the world around them falls apart, one scientific genius creates a haven way up in the mountains for those they have cured. One side effect of the cure is it affects your memories. One man tries to remember his former life as a thief by keeping a diary. As he sits in a radio station contacting the earth below, he goes through his diaries to remember the time before the haven.

One day, he hears a voice from someone named Forager who claims to have found life in the earth below. This sets the main character on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

The artwork is very unique. At times, it felt more like reading a short story than a graphic novel. That does not take away from the talent of Snyder or Lemire. Their mediums combine well to form the story of a man trying to hang onto the past so he does not forget who he is. My one complaint is the ending is to open-ended. It felt rushed and a bit forced. Otherwise, it is an interesting story of a man trying to find himself.

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