StudioJake: Disney Ain’t Woke! It’s Rekt! Satirical Webisode…

Disney Ain’t Woke! It’s Rekt! is a satirical webisode of my free YouTube series StudioJake.

My SJW alter ego Jake Woke is joined by his sister in The Resistance Ezra Woke on Skype to explain how Disney is nothing more than a capitalist propaganda machine. We cover seven of the most oppressive films in their catalog.

1. Zootopia- Clearly representative of the police state. The only woke character is the celebrity who brings the city together. Also, Judy Hops, as a rabbit, clearly represents the female stereotype of women as child breeders.

2. Lion King- Male superiority!!!! Why weren’t the Lionesses under Scar woke? They didn’t do anything and had to be saved by Simba. Obviously propaganda.

3. The Aristocats- Oh, look at the poor rich one per-centers lost in the wilderness. Yuck!

4. Tarzan- The “hero” clearly used his white privilege over the animals in the jungle. What was up with that???

5. The Jungle Book- Mowgli was practicing cultural appropriation on the animals by pretending to be a wolf. Duh!

6. Sleeping Beauty- Prince Philip is the perfect example of toxic masculinity. Why didn’t he ask Aurora’s permission to kiss her?

7. Robin Hood- Prince John was the hero by collecting taxes, Robin was clearly a TEA Partier stealing from the government. Nice try!

Yeah, that is a satire of how an SJW would review movies. Thank you, Ezra for being such a good sport! Check out the episode below and don’t forget to subscribe here and on YouTube.

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