Interview With Singer Liv V

This week is music week at the old blog! I am writing all kinds of music reviews, articles, posts, and movie reviews on some of my favorite musical happenings. Today, I interviewed a singer to kick off the week.

I connected with the singer Liv V through her Instagram profile. She is a seriously talented teen with a singing voice that will make you stand up and cheer! When I heard her voice, I knew that I had to get an interview with her and have her tell you about her music in her own words. Check it out below. Her answers are in bold.

Where do you call your hometown? I am from the thumb of the mitten state.

How young were you when you started to sing? My mom says I always sang, but I remember being 5 and starting to like music.

When was your first performance and what song did you sing? I sang “When I look at you” by Miley Cyrus on stage when I was 8 a capella. That video hit a million views at the time and YouTube quickly took it down never to be seen again. So sad.

When you first started singing, did anyone say, “your voice will take you places?” Actually, yes, everyone started to say that every time I sang on stage.

On the other side, did anyone try to discourage you?
Yes, my dad loved me being in sports and thought I was a good athlete and wanted and still tries to get me to play college volleyball. Then, the choir teachers always try to get you to blend, but I wasn’t really the blending type. I liked to do things a different way and wrote and composed my first song when I was 8. I actually wrote all the notes on a blank sheet of paper and made all my own lines. My piano teacher was super impressed to be that young doing that. When people started to recognize me when I was 8 other friends at school said oh she’s just trying to be famous and started to treat me different and it was sort of discouraging because I’m actually a humble person, but I do work hard. Much of my beginning singing was all volunteering to help with special olympics and raise money for various things in my town.

What is your favorite genre of music to listen to you? Alternative.

As a follow-up, any particular musician, singer, or band that inspires you? Many… Adele, Bishop Briggs, Xambassadors, Imagine dragons, Coldplay, David Gray, Justin Nozuka, Melanie Martinez, Jon Bellion, Brody and Sia to name a few.

I am curious, as far as movies, what’re your favorite movie soundtracks? Me before you has to you is my absolute favorite but the fault in our stars was pretty good.

How do you define the genre that you sing?
I define what I sing as just being An Indie Artist because when You aren’t committed to mainstream or mellow or country you can have a little jazz a little blues a somber song a pop song and I think that’s great because what human has one mood every day of their life. I don’t know one artist that only listens to one artist so it would be crazy to think they don’t have many influences or would produce one type of music. I love variety. I guess that’s because I was raised with a mom who is an artist and her things are so abstract and colorful. She always said I do what I do because it makes me happy color makes me happy and not just one and when art isn’t in the house it’s depressing so same with singing. I think you need many pieces to be happy.

Where are your favorite places to perform? I prefer a big stage with low lights and a big grand piano with an old school mic.

Tell me a little about your process for writing a song.
I usually start with a story rather than stringing lines along that rhyme. After I get the full story in my head I then start thinking of the initial line that will tie the whole song together. The rest of the song just comes together naturally. I always try to think of different ways to say things which is the most fun part about it. I have to figure out 20 different way to say the same thing and hopefully one of them works.

Any song or songs there you are especially proud of? Silence, TimeKeeper, and Intuition that is soon to be out are my favorites of mine, but I’m honestly super proud and love them all.

Where do you go to find inspiration for your music? I’m just an observant person and I see different things in life that sparks how someone else may have felt and a story comes to life. I think of someone’s reality or sometimes they are my own. No one knows the shoes you walk in everyday of your life or what you have been through so if I write a deep story chances are I know it very well.

I found a video of you singing live, and I have to say, you sound just as amazing in person as on a recording. What kind of voice training do you do to keep your voice strong?
Well, one of my main things I feel strongest about is keeping it real. I’ve been offered many things that I turn down because I believe in what I am doing and myself and have morals and respect for myself and others. I don’t like the recordings that people do then lip sync for Instagram. I think that’s false information. You have to be confident in who you are and what you do and allow people to see you are not perfect. I’m far from perfect. I like to perform live. My Instagram is a mini concert for all that support and appreciate what I am trying to get out there. As for voice training, I have done chorale and choir, but my mom said that when you train too much with others you start to lose your authenticity and she feels that way about her art so we never pursued anything after 5th grade she just works with me and we do a lot together. I have trained in piano for 7 years though and that is helpful for harmonizing with myself on my originals.

When preparing for a live show, do you have a pre-show ritual that you to get ready? I have three things…. I always love the process of doing my own makeup, then I tell myself that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and then I say Just keep swimming just keep swimming. Take a deep breath and go 🤗

That concluded our interview. Apart from singing, Liv V is also the founder of Mission.OK to raise awareness for autoimmune diseases. Be sure to find her on YouTube, Instagram, and on Google +!

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