Music Review- Jamie Grace: The Happy Song

Jamie Grace really lives up to the “grace” in both her style in her Christian faith. She showed strength in Fighter and power in her pop song Party Like A Princess. Her latest lyric video The Happy Song is a fun ambitious song from the talented artist.

No, it is not a cover of the worship band Delirious? epic praise song. The Happy Song is a fun song reminding us that we get our happiness not from within ourselves, but from living for God. It has catchy lyrics and a beat that makes you want to tap along with it. It is that style that made Jamie Grace so popular.

If you would like to hear it, click on the picture above to listen to it on Jamie Grace’s official YouTube channel. The lyric video is quite entertaining.  For all you who enjoy pop music, Jamie Grace is the perfect singer for that. Don’t forget to like and share this bonus post. Don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming music reviews.

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