StudioJake Interviews Ezra Celeste

Ezra Celeste is very classy. She is a creative person who works for a charter school district in Texas. As a communications director, Ezra works hard to get the message of her school out to the public. She uses her experience to cover a wide range of topics on social media. That is actually how we got connected via Twitter. This leads to a discussion about school choice and what that would mean for students everywhere.

The two of us discuss a variety of topics. We are both fans of the hit BBC series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It was really nice to speak to a fellow fan of the epic series.

Later, we talk about how Conservatives use to real the web with forums and blogs, but the Left took over social media, but have since gained momentum with GamerGate and beyond. We also talk about Hollywood and there is absolute angst against Conservatives among the celebrity elite.

Off camera, I discovered that she is a Batman fan like me. Pretty cool. Check out our interview below.

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    We talk a little Sherlock, communications, social media, and more. Watch here, & subscribe to his channel!

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