My debut paranormal novel, Cacophony, is now on Kindle

Hello everyone! My paranormal thriller Cacophony is now available for Amazon Kindle!

My first published novel is now available on Amazon! If you are wondering what it is, it’s a mix of supernatural thriller and the paranormal. Check out this awesome summary below.

Cacophony follows a small town church in Daylight, Texas that is on the edge of a spiritual awakening, a revival. However, the demon princess Ashtaroth and her sinister Grigori are assigned to stop the church and its pastoral staff by any means necessary. For them, that means murdering the church’s senior pastor. The church, lost in grief, begins to divide. However angelic messenger Gabriel, with the help of guardian angel Christopher, rallies the Seven Archangels to stop the demonic forces. As new pastor Jack Meyer tries to unite the church, the angels try to bring a message of faith to counter the demon message of fear. Is it too late for this church?

Buy or download a copy for yourself or a friend. It is great for teens and young adults who want to have a Christian based glimpse into the world of angels and demons. Though it is a fiction and not a theology book, I did ground it in Biblical truths. It is a fictional expression of spiritual warfare and what, I think through my personal study, goes on behind the scenes in the spiritual realms. It is an allegory and parable geared to make you think about faith and fear.

If you would like to order your paperback copy of Cacophony: A Tale Of Faith And Fear, click here or click on the picture at the top of the article. If you want to download it for your iPad or tablet click here. I know it this is my debut novel, so it has kinks to work out, but I plan on getting better as I continue to write.

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