Movie Review- The Case For Christ (2017)

The Case For Christ began as a Christian apologetics work by former Chicago Tribune reporter Lee Strobel. The book became a worldwide bestseller. It spawned off several companion works including “The Case For The Real Jesus” and a documentary where Strobel discusses the journey of writing it.

The studio that brought us God’s Not Dead, Pure Flix Entertainment teams up with screenwriter Brian Bird brought the story behind the book to life in a new film. The movie is directed by Jon Gunn and stars Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Faye Dunaway, Robert Forster, Frankie Faison, Brett Rice, and others.

In 1980, Lee is an award winning journalist and his wife Leslie a stay-at-home mother. They are strongly rooted in atheism.

However, after their daughter Alison almost dies from a choking incident, Leslie begins to question matters of faith. She is invited to church by a nurse who saved their daughter and she soon becomes a Christian.

Lee decides to investigate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in order to disprove his wife’s faith. He travels the country meeting with experts, both Christian and secular who all seem to have every question answered.

As his own non-belief is questioned, Lee becomes increasingly hostile to his wife’s faith and how it is affecting their lives.

The movie was very informative and very inspirational. When it came to the journey Lee Strobel went on to find his own faith in Christ, it was incredible. While the film is not a grand masterpiece in the vein of The Artist, it is one of the better films to come from Pure Flix.

My only complaint about the film was at times, it felt like watching a documentary instead of a movie. Because of that, the main plot seemed dry in places, sometimes making the sub-plot (Lee investigating a cop shooting) a bit more interesting.

Outside of that, Mike Vogel shines as Lee Strobel. His performance was the best in the film.

Jon Gun, best known for another Pure Flix film Do You Believe, stepped it up from directing cheesy melodramas and faith-based comedies and delivered a satisfying movie.

FAVORITE QUOTE: If someone wanted to do an investigation of Christianity, where would you start? 


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