#NationalPuppyDay – Funny story about that…

When I married my super cute wife, I married Shadow. She is her fifteen year old Labrador who is a total foodie. It is a good thing that I am a dog person, because Shadow takes begging to a whole new level.

I know she is not technically a puppy, but her spunky attitude and lovable attitude makes up all the difference. She is a joy to scrap around with. She does not like cuddling like most Labs, but she enjoys head pats and side rubs. She does “hug” you by putting her forehead against you when you bend down to per her.

We have this rule in our home about not letting the dogs near the table while we eat. The other day, we got some fried chicken to celebrate the publication of my book, Cacophony. We had some leftover after eating and watching reruns of our favorite shows.

As we got to talking, we realized we needed to get some items so we went out on an errand, completely forgetting to put the chicken in the refrigerator.

You can probably guess what happens next.

We arrived home and Shadow was at the door to greet us. This was suspicious because she normally lays down and then slowly rises as if we have entered the presence of a queen. This time, however, it was different. She was full blown, puppy, “Hey, I’m happy to see you.”

As I was putting my keys away, my wife calls out, “What? Shadow!”

I came into the dining area expecting a wet spot, but in fact, it was not. Shadow had reached on the table and pulled the box of chicken down, finishing the box for us. She ate four pieces of fried chicken, bones and all.

We were so stunned, we could not even get mad. Shadow was the happiest dog on the planet the rest of the night. She laid on her bed and barely got up the rest of the night. She had the infamous puppy smile on her face.

For those of you wondering if she is alright, she is fine. No medical issues whatsoever.

That is my funny puppy story. If you have one, I would love to hear it! Please leave me a comment. Dogs are man’s best friend. Let us honor them today.

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