We all know about the famous Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and how they dye their river green to celebrate the Irish holiday. New York City, Boston, Philadelphia are just a handful of cities that also hold parades for their citizens.

Are there any other fun celebrations across the United States that are Irish themed? Of course! Here is a list of five amazing St. Patrick Day Parades:

  • Cleveland, Ohio- Before their parade, the city appoints a Grand Marshal to be the honorary leader of the parade. It is given to a man who is of Irish descent and who has been active in that community. Likewise, they also appoint a “Mother of the Year” who is the female version.
  • Columbia, South Carolina- In the Five Points district, they host the Pot O’Gold Playland for families with children. It is only set up once a year where kids can enjoy an Irish themed playground.
  • Enterprise, Alabama- This town hosts “World’s Smallest Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.” A single person waving an Irish flag walks for one block from the courthouse to a monument and back again.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana- As the parade marches through most of the city. Citizens then through onions, carrots, cabbages, potatoes, and other ingredients for making Irish stew.
  • Washington, DC- The US capitol holds the National ShamRock Rest in the  Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Aside from listening to live music, visitors can find vendors, rides, and others.

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