Movie Review- Logan (2017)

There are many ways to describe the latest installment of the X-Men franchise, Logan, which follows Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse. Unfortunately, “a good movie” is not a way to describe it. The movie is directed by James Mangold who co-wrote it. It stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, Dafne Keen, Han Soto, and a minor few.

Warning, this review contains massive spoilers because, quite frankly, I don’t care.

In 2029, Mutants have no longer been born. There are only a few left as humanity reels from the events of the previous films.

the X-Man named Logan aka The Wolverine makes a living driving a limousine. He takes care of Professor Xavier, a shadow of himself, with the help of a former villain named Caliban.

He is approached by a Ravager, who wants information about a nurse and a little girl named Laura. He tells Logan if he finds them with him, he will kill Prof. X

After Laura smuggles herself onto Logan’s property, the Ravagers come for her. This starts a chase across country to try to get “Eden” a place where the mutants can be safe.

Along the way, they savagely cut down anyone who gets in their way and allows collateral damage wherever they go.

Worst X-Men film ever. If this movie had just been another “anti-Western” like No Country For Old Men, I might have enjoyed better. When you go into a film that is part of a franchise, you have a certain expectation. None of those expectations were met. None. Zero.

As far as visuals, the movie is great. The actors are superb, the cinematography fantastic, and the music score top notch.

It was the story and plot itself. It was sad, depressing, and none of the characters had redeeming qualities.

Director Mangold took a formula that had been working and took a crap on it. I know that is graphic, but it is true. He made the worse X-Men ever and I’ve seen the third from the original trilogy.

I did not feel any empathy or emotion for the heroes. Even the little girl, Laura, was a freakin’ werewolf, even being willing to kill innocent people. I did not feel sorry for her one bit. If they had at least made her show a little emotion, I might have cheered for her. The villains were not even that evil. You did not have the understanding you had for Magneto, the awe at the power of Apocalypse, or the sheer hatred for Sebastian Shaw.

Also, the lack of emotion when characters die, it’s just kind of cringe-worthy, nothing more. When Professor X dies, he just kind of, well, expires. It’s a terrible scene that was wasted on Wolverine bashing a truck. Then, it was just over.

The only scene that stuck with me emotionally was the climatic battle. That was it. I could have just watched those last ten minutes and been happy. Everything else was a waste of time.

I kept hearing the movie was edgy. It wasn’t. The Wolf of Wall Street and Casino still own the edginess for using the f-word, the Saw franchise still has violence, and Cormac McCarthy movies still own the sadness and ambivalence factor.

I honestly think this is Mangold saying, “Hey, let me direct Blood Meridian!”

Basically, this movie was one large, missed opportunity. It missed the opportunity to spin-off a New Mutants franchise. It missed the opportunity to introduce Dakken. It missed the opportunity to send out Professor X with a bang. It missed the opportunity to seal Hugh Jackman’s legacy as The Wolverine.

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FAVORITE QUOTE: That’s my father, Chuck.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Graphic violence, brief nudity, graphic foul language

PS: The Deadpool sequel teaser was lame.

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