Music Review- Brey Noelle: Show N Tell


Brey Noelle is such a talented singer. She has a voice that just penetrates your mind. I have previously reviewed her cover of Time After Time which she sung a duet with the equally talented Tyler Ward. This month, she released her first solo single Show N’ Tell. It does not disappoint.

The song is about living with abusive relationships and about freeing yourself from them. The music is incredible and has a powerful pop music sound mixed with techno and pop. Brey’s voice really emphasizes the lyrics and brings the message home. It is beautifully sung and the song is a very personal song. The music video is simple, but it goes perfectly with the song itself. She shares a ton about the song and the story behind on her vlog entry: UNCENSORED – SHOW ‘N TELL: The Story, check it out (warning: some language). Listen to this song and then download it. It is powerful and inspiring.

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