Music Review- The Band Perry: Stay In The Dark


I previously review The Band Perry songs Comeback Kid and one of my favorite’s Live Forever. They are one of my favorite bands and I enjoy how they mix country music and rock together, even with their modern twist. Today I am reviewing their newest song Stay In The Dark.

This song is different. While most of their songs have been country and Western, but with a modern rock mix, this one had a pop music sound to it.It had a great and pleasant sound. I did enjoy the lyrics, though the message of the song was a little lost on me. I hope that they make a music video to this songs. The whole band is incredibly and this song truly showcases it. I would like to say that Kimberly Perry is phenomenal as the lead singer. My understanding is that the whole album is suppose to be pop. I hope that is not the case because I think they sound better as a country band.

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