Twitter Pays Tribute To Ronald Reagan On His 2017 Birthday

02 Ronald Reagan

When I studied the history of the United States of America, I studied about President Ronald Reagan, may he rest in peace. He was by no means a perfect Commander-in-Chief, but he was a good man who led this country in a smart way. When he was the president, America was respected on the world stage and he was respected as the leader of one of the last superpowers.

On Monday, it was former President Ronald Reagan’s 106th birthday. Many organizations, including the Heritage Foundation and National Review sent out all kinds of social media and articles praising the former president while celebrating his birthday. On Twitter, the love was especially shown. One of trending hashtag of the day was #RonaldReagan and many sent out tweets to pay tribute him. They did it in all sorts of incredible and creative ways.

It was not only just organizations or regular people paying tribute to President Reagan. Several government officials, both currently serving and others wished President Reagan a happy birthday. Many were heartfelt and they offered high praise to Reagan.

While there were a few who took to Twitter to attempt to ridicule the beloved President, they only made themselves look like idiots. Most were respectful, sending out photos and quotes from Ronald Reagan as you can see above. They were very heartfelt and nostalgic from the days of a man who stood up for his principles and became an icon to many.

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