StudioJake Interviews Brittany Hughes of MRCTV!


In January, I brought you an interview with my friend and colleague Misty Callahan. Today on my new web show StudioJake, I had the priviledge of interviewing one of the best when it comes to holding the lamestream media’s feet to the fire! It was known other than the Media Research Center’s very own Brittany Hughes, host of Reality Check at and their YouTube Channel.

Brittany Hughes began at CNSNews, a hard news branch of the MRC before moving to MRCTV. She puts leftists and special snowflakes on notice with her hard hitting news commentary on the camera and at her keyboard.

Our conversation was fantastic and all too brief. We discussed the mainstream media, fake news, MRC’s role in 2016 election (especially their Tell The Truth Campaign), and a few other fun topics.

Check it out below:

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