StudioJake interviews Misty Callahan!


Today on my YouTube web show StudioJake, I interviewed Total Traffic Network reporter Misty Callahan! Normally, I do interviews via email, social media, and through questionnaires.

However, Misty was able to set aside some time to be interviewed by yours truly. We talked about television, broadcasting, dogs, and a whole host of other topics that you can cover in fifteen minutes. She was a whole lot of fun, interesting, and I learned a lot from talking to her. Be sure to find her on Twitter @MistyACallahan for more! Check out our interview below. Sorry for the poor quality, we mused Skype.

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Be sure to subscribe for more interviews, but also subscribe to my YouTube channel StudioJake for more upcoming episodes. Find me on Twitter: @RealJacobAirey and Facebook: Author Jacob Airey for more.

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2 thoughts on “StudioJake interviews Misty Callahan!

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