#MusicMonday- Tobymac: Move (Keep Walkin’)


This Is Not A Test is the latest album from singer, poet, and songwriter Toby McKeehan also known as Tobymac. The album includes Light Shine Bright which he sings with Gotee Records singer Hollyn. Today, I’m taking a look at Move (Keep Walkin’), a rock, techno, and R&B mixed song.

The lyric video uses a confusing font and backgrounds that make it hard for you to read the words. However, the song itself is a masterpiece. It is what Tobymac does best. The lyrics are all about just moving forward in life without being afraid of what is going on in your life. It is inspiring and full of encouragement. His faith in Jesus Christ just shines through it.

If you would like to hear the song on Tobymac’s official YouTube Vevo channel, check it out below:

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3 thoughts on “#MusicMonday- Tobymac: Move (Keep Walkin’)

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