Happy New Year 2017- StudioJake Is Launching

Hey everyone! As I stated in my last post, I have started work on my latest project: StudioJake. What is StudioJake? It is my new weekly web series on YouTube that is launching this month. It is not going to be your average, boring click bait channel bogged down to a single topic. No! This is a channel that will discuss news, pop culture, faith, family, entertainment, and so much more.

The best part? I won’t be saddled into a single spot. I’m taking you with me to the movies, on the road, to events, and pretty much everywhere. If you’re interested in out-of-the-box content that takes you to the edge, this is the channel for you.

If that sounds interesting to you, please subscribe on YouTube and click the notification bell. I have a few preliminary videos already posted. Click here to see my channel!

Also, consider becoming a supporter on Patreon. Right now, I’m working with sub-par equipment, but with support like yours, artists, writers, videographers, and other creators like me can continue to work on and hone our craft.

Don’t worry about the blog. This new web series will complement it, but the webisodes will not replace it. As I stated previously, the blog will go to a weekly and have posts on Fridays (with a few free bonus posts here and there).
You can find me on Patreon by clicking here or by searching for StudioJake.

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