2017- Huge Announcement For The Upcoming Year

The year 2016 is coming to an end. It is New Year’s Eve and I am glad we made it to the end. It was a wild ride of lots of uphill battles personally and just in general.

I saw some incredible movies, read some amazing books, and interviewed some amazing women as well as a movie director. That was awesome.

The 2016 presidential election was an interesting one. I choose principles over party and proudly voted for an independent candidate, however, many chose to vote for party instead. Donald Trump is president now, so no sense crying over spilled milk. However, I was shocked by the sheer vitriol over this campaign. If you were a dissenting voice you got shot down really fast, no matter which side you were on.

I am a both Millennial and Generation Y. I was born in the very late 80s, so I am an awkward crossover child. I am stunned by the immaturity of the generation, but also inspired with the imagination and creativity of us as well.

This blog has gone through some changes. Name changes, format changes, and reaching the 1,000th Post. I am really proud of it and what it has accomplished. There will be some further changes. For instance, starting in January I am moving to a weekly. I will publish every Friday a major article though there will be some bonus posts every now and then.

For the new year, I have a huge announcement. I am launching a Vlog on YouTube in January called Studio Jake. I will have a weekly show (with a few bonus videos here and there). It will cover pop culture, faith, entertainment, family, politics, creativity, and so much more.

I am so excited about this project! I have always loved media and entertainment and now I am putting my heart into it. I am beginning with some sub-par equipment, so please bear with me me for a little while.

I am taking what I do on this blog and expanding it to a whole new level. Please consider subscribing and help me get to 500 followers. I have also started a Patreon account, so please head there and make a pledge.

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