#ThrowbackThursday – 14 Unforgettable Christian Songs Volume 3

Remember classic contemporary Christian music from Generation Y? The early 90s and early 2000s were not a good time for any Christian band. There was so much turmoil and many bands and musicians tried to either copy boy bands or go the easy listening route. We did manage to pull through. However, during that time, there were some pretty good songs. Check out Volume 1 and Volume 2 and some of the links I provided. Here is Volume 3 of 14 Christians songs we will not forget.

I Believe In You– This was a hit single sung by Joy Williams on her debut album. It was so popular, it was nominated for 11 Dove Awards in 2001. The song was also featured on the original Left Behind film soundtrack.

The Champion– Carman is basically the founder of contemporary Christian music. He spun off dcTalk and the original newsboys. With this song, he talks about how Jesus Christ defeated the devil into eternity.

Get Down– From the album Underdog, Audio Adrenaline brings us a song about how when life knocks us down, God lifts us right back up. It is a fun and encouraging song.

Christmas Shoes– Though its one of the sadder NewSong tracks, it is a touching song that spun off a book, play, and even a series of films. It certainly was one of their biggest hits.

Revolution– From the Nu Nation Project, Kirk Franklin performs this epic song with Rodney Jerkins and One Nation Crew. In 1998, it was certified platinum twice and won a Grammy.

El Shaddai– This is one of the best Amy Grant songs. It is a heartfelt praise and worship songs to God. It was featured on her album Age To Age. It won Dove and Grammy awards and the album was certified Platinum.

Jesus Is Just Alright– The Byrds made it first and then the Doobie Brothers, but DC Talk made it popular on the album Free At Last. It won a Dove Award and the band performed it live on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Dismissed– ZOEGirl created this song about getting out of unhealthy relationships. It is done in a pop and R&B style dance track. CCM Magazine called the album it was featured on, Life, a winner.

Wait For Me– The album Transform by Rebecca St. James featured this gem. It was featured on WOW Hits 2002. It was so popular that her greatest hits album was named after it.

This Is Your Time– Michael W. Smith dedicated this song to Cassie Bernhall, the Columbine Martyr. The music video opens with a short clip of Cassie discussing her beliefs. It is a beautiful tribute.

A Friend Like U– Geoff Moore was still singing with The Distance when he wrote this song and performed. While he is not featured on the music album, Steven Curtis Chapman has a cameo in the music video.

Cinderella– Steven Curtis Chapman dedicated this song to his daughter who was taken from him and his wife far too early. Even though it is a classic, he rarely sings it since the tragedy.

Lose This Life– Post DC Talk and pre-newsboys, Michael Tait embarked on a solo musical career featuring this single Lose This Life from the album of the same name.

Love, Liberty, Disco– This is a little known and under appreciated album from the newsboy when Peter Furler was still their front man. It is done in a classical disco style that is very authentic.

That is my list of Christian songs from the 90s and early 2000s I will never forget. Did I leave out any of yours? Share this list and be sure to subscribe for more upcoming Throwback Thursday articles and lists.


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