Graphic Novel Review- Batman: In Darkest Knight

You know the story of Hal Jordan, who was summoned by Abin Sur a dying member of the Green Lantern Corp and become one of their greatest members. We also know the story of how Bruce Wayne watched his parents die and that inspired him to become Batman. What if, instead of seeing a bat, Bruce Wayne saw Abin Sur and he gave Wayne his ring. batman-in-darkest-knight

The one-shot Elseworld comic book and later graphic novel Batman: In Darkest Knight attempts to answer that question. Written by Mike W. Barr and drawn by Jerry Bingham, do a great job.

On that fateful night in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne lays dying in his father’s study when Abin Sur summons Bruce to his shuttle and tells him he has been chosen to become Earth’s new Green Lantern.

After using his ring to fight crime, earning him the ire of Gotham PD Commissioner Gordon, who thinks the new hero has to much unchecked power. The Guardians of Oa send Bruce to dethrone Sinestro, who used his power to conquer his people. Bruce succeeds, but Sinestro vows vengeance.

Bruce’s reckless behavior makes the Guardians weary of him, especially when Sinestro returns and absorbs the mind of Joe Chill, making him behave in a fashion similar to the Joker.

Bruce Wayne and Sinestro head for a battle of epic proportions and the Guardians recruit some familiar faces in an effort to stop it.

Some Elseworlds are inspired and some are just lame. There seems to be no in-between. This one is inspired. It is a great twist on the story of both Batman and Green Lantern. It was written in 1994 and got its own designation in the pre-New 52 Multiverse called Earth-32.

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