#ThrowbackThursday – 10 Black and White TV Shows Millennials Should Watch

Throwback Thursday Throwbackthursday
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When I was a kid, I had good parents. Instead of showing me all the garbage that was on television, they exposed me to TV shows that were wholesome and enduring. They were black and white. Some transitioned into color. They were about different times, when men and women had some semblance of honor, dignity, and respect. Now, nothing is perfect and these shows certainly weren’t, but they were good. For Throwback Thursday, here’s 10 Black and White TV Shows Millennials Should Watch.

10. Adventures of Superman– Back when the Man of Steel actually had a code, he stood for truth, justice, and the American Way. Boy, that is lost.

09. The Twilight Zone– Before horror started producing cheap blood and gore, this show created by Rod Sterling, relied on suspicion, thrills, and clever writing to spook the audience.

08. Gilligan’s Island– This is a hilarious, but a somewhat illogical comedy about a group of people stuck on an island after a storm and their antics as they survive day by day.

07. Gomer Pyle USMC– A spin-off from The Andy Griffith Show, this likable country boy proudly serves the United States while helping out the men in his unit. Its later episodes would be colorized.

06. The Dick Van Dyke Show– A hard-working comedy show writer cares for his wife and son as they do life together right along with the zany antics of his co-workers.

05. Alfred Hitchcock Presents– This is an anthology series created by the man who redefined the thriller genre, Alfred Hitchcock, the director of the original Psycho.

04. I Love Lucy– One of the very first shows to feature an interracial couple, this show was funny and full of some hilarious antics by the main characters.

03. Perry Mason– He started the infamous “witness stand confession.” While the courtroom drama sets some unrealistic expectations for trial attorneys, the sense of justice in the show is unmatched.

02. Gunsmoke– It had its roots in radio, but transitioned into TV, this show Marshall Matt Dillion as a lawman in Dodge City in post-Civil War America.

01. The Andy Griffith Show– No show captures good ol’ fashioned values than this one taking place in Mayberry, North Carolina.

These shows are sometimes ridiculous and have way outdated phrases, slang, and technology, but seeing how pop culture use to see the world, is a history lesson. I encourage my fellow Millennials to check them out.

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