11 Movie Stars No One Wants To Work With

Hollywood is an interesting town. They have a whole diverse group of actors and actresses who are extremely talented. However, when you work with the performing arts, you know you’re going to meet with demanding people. Some celebrities have very abrasive attitudes. Some have a freak out once and they end up on the list, this list is for repeat offenders. Here are eleven movie stars no one wants to work with.

11. Mike Meyers– The actor, comedian, and writer is known as a control freak. Despite his demeanor to the public and fans, behind the scenes directors and film crews cannot stand him.

10. Teri Hatcher– The former character on Desperate Housewives was disliked by the rest of the cast, they would refuse to pose with her because of her superior attitude.

09. William Shatner– The original Star Trek’s Captain Kirk was known to cause chaos no matter if it is a TV show or movie set. He is known for having a bad attitude and complain constantly on the set.

08. Edward Norton– The Primal Fear actor is known for “shadow directing” his films, especially on the set American History X where he micromanaged the film’s editing.

07. Jennifer Lopez– J. Lo is a diva known for demanding that custom toilet seats be installed for her when filming in the studio or on location. She has even demanded hotel rooms be decorated and repainted white.

06. Steven Seagal– He has been in films, both major and b-movie as an action star for a long time. Seagal has become for publicly challenging his co-stars and his directors, allegedly getting physical during the filming of Executive Decision.

05. Charlie Sheen– While mainly known for his meltdown on Two and a Half Men, he has had several other incidents during filming movies and television shows. He is known for being very unprofessional on the set.

04. Sharon Stone– Remember her? She was well known in the 1990s. However, she was accused of belittling people she worked with. It was not just teasing, but constant putting down of film crew and cast.

03. Lindsay Lohan– Child stars can a little crazy, but she takes the cake. Aside from her drug problems, she was known as being demanding to the crew and would frequently throw tantrums when she did not get her way.

02. Macaulay Culkin– Another child star, he is known for belittling his fans and admirers. He also exhibits strange and erratic behavior while on the set of his films.

01. Katherine Heigl– Her demanding and overbearing personality got her fired from the set of Grey’s Anatomy. She is known for publicly criticizing her fellow cast members and for just plain rudeness.

That is my list. Did I miss any of your favorite celebrities? Comment below and you might see them on another list. Please share it and do not forget to subscribe for more upcoming articles on entertainment and pop culture.

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