Documentary Review- Amanda Knox


I remember the story of Amanda Knox. Though I did think she acted peculiar at her trial, I never once doubted her innocence. I knew she had nothing to do with the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher. It was nothing more than trial by media and a bunch of salacious headlines.

I watched a documentary on her that was neutral, but it did not cover the media angle except in passing.

Netflix took it to a whole new level with Amanda Knox, which interviews Knox herself along with other key players in the investigation, trials, her release, and subsequent appeals.

It sheds new light on how the investigators targeted her for simply being an American. You can see it in the interviews with the French detectives who obviously despise her for being from the United States.

With the interviews from Knox herself, you can see the intimidation, fear, and sheer terror that the French authorities put her and her boyfriend through.

What disturbed me the most was how the journalists treated her. They were not interested in the truth and you can hear that in their interviews. All they care about is slandering Knox so they can get a story. It was truly unnerving.

This documentary was very enlightening and I suggest you give it a try when you get a chance.

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