Documentary Review- Who Took Johnny?

Who Took Johnny was produced and directed by Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley, and David Beilinson. It tells the story of Johnny Gosch, a 12 year old boy who who-took-johnny-documentarydisappeared on his paper route in September 1982.

It tells the story through the eyes of Noreen Gosch, the boy’s mother. The film also interviews Paul Bonacci, the man who claimed that he helped take Johnny.

After giving the back story of Johnny and his parents, the documentary shift focus on the “Franklin conspiracy” the theory that Johnny was taken to Omaha, Nebraska as a part of a pedophile ring allegedly run through the Franklin Credit Union.

It show the inefficiency of the FBI and the West Des Moines Police Department and all their failures at finding Johnny and later children kidnapped out of the city.

It is a sobering fact that the Gosch family had to go through this and how the local law enforcement failed them. This is not a criticism of law enforcement in general, but of how the local police failed to find a lost child.

PARENTAL CONCERN: Disappearing material

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