Interview With Mia, writer of Life of Shooter’s Wife

Photo courtesy of Mia

Photo courtesy of Mia

Following Mia on Twitter has been one of the coolest things I have done. She is smart, funny, pithy, and takes no crap for no one. In fact, she is blocked by Bloomberg hatchet woman Shannon Watts. I don’t know why. During our correspondence, I found her quite pleasant. I was fortunate enough to get an interview with her. Check it out below. Her answers are in bold.

> Where do you and your family call home?

Minnesota has always been my home. I was adopted from Seoul, South Korea and that’s where I’ve been ever since, although I did live out East for about 5 years. It was a great experience, but ultimately my heart belonged in Minnesota.

> When did you become interested in shooting?

I guess you could say I became interested the day I met my husband, almost 9 years ago. My father and brother are both Marines, but hunting and sport shooting was something neither one of them were interested in, so my exposure to firearms of any kind was very limited. My first inclination was for self-defense, until this past year where I have been dabbling in competitive shooting, like my husband.

> How long has your husband been shooting?

He started shooting in 2000, but didn’t shoot his first match until May 2007.

> What is his favorite gun?

His favorite by far would have to be his Barnard Palma Rifle in Anshchutz Precise stock, which is for long-range shooting of up to 1000 yards.
> What is your favorite gun?

I have 2 favorites. For pistol it’s my Sig Sauer P238, and for rifle it’s my Haverkamp FTR Rifle(.223).

> When did you learn how to shoot?

I started actively shooting about 2 years ago, starting with a handgun, and most recently learning to use a rifle for long-range.
> Have you won any shooting awards?

I’ve only shot in 2 official matches so far, so we’ll see. I did however win $2 in my second match, so that’s something, right? Small victories. My husband is definitely the “Big Shot” at our house. He’s got too many awards to keep track of, and actually, in 2013, he made it onto the US National Rifle Team. Yes, I’m definitely small potatoes compared to him when it comes to shooting.
> Did shooting come naturally or did you have to train a bit?

Yes, it did come somewhat naturally, but even the best shooters are constantly learning and finding ways to improve. Having said that, here’s something that’s interesting; women tend to be better shooters than men are, at least when they first start. There are several contributing factors to this, although it’s not an exact science. For starters, women tend not to have quite as large an ego as men do, no offense, and women generally take instructions better, thus resulting in learning faster. The most important thing is learning how to handle any firearm safely, after that, just have fun with it and skill will follow.

> What’re some of your other hobbies?

I love to cook and I love to bake, especially at Christmas. I’ve become known for all the sweets I make and give out as gifts to friends and family. I like to do anything that’s creative; decorating, sewing – I’ve made several banners for church, and I love doing things for other people, if that counts. I have recently dusted off my camera and I’m trying to get back into photography as well.

> You take amazing photographs. Where is your favorite place to shoot?

Thank you! I love being outside, and that’s usually where I shoot my best images. There are so many different textures and degrees of focus, things you might not notice otherwise. And of course, I love getting images from the various shooting ranges that I go to.
> Any favorite photos?

Definitely my favorite images are of people. I like being able to capture the unexpected. But I would have to say my favorite ones right now are of my grandson. I’ve been using pictures of my son as inspiration, and photographing my grandson at the same age.
> What was it like to work with Tee Up For The Troops?

It was an awesome experience. Probably one of the best and most rewarding things I’ve done, and coming from a military family, taking care of our Vets is something close to my heart. I was managing a hair salon at the time, and we participated in one of their fundraisers for a Vet who had lost both his legs. We offered free haircuts in exchange for a donations. All the money went towards the purchase of a car that would be retrofitted so he could drive it. It was my first time seeing the Patriot Guard Riders, and the the display of sincere respect and honor that was given to this Vet, someone they didn’t even know, was very moving.

> Where did the idea for your blog Life Of A Shooter’s Wife come from?

The birth of it started when I joined Twitter back in 2012, which was originally to network and speak out about Conservative causes.  I then became connected with other Second Amendment supporters, and that just seemed like a natural fit.  My number of followers has grown quickly, over 35K now, more than I ever thought it would, and with that I felt like I couldn’t just squander that large of an audience away.  A friend suggested that I start a website where I could write about my support for the Second Amendment, shooting sports, and possibly review firearm related products.  She basically said I should write about my life, so the name of my blog seemed very obvious.  I literally was approached the next day asked if I wanted to review some holsters.  Of course I said yes, and so I quickly had to put my blog together so I had somewhere to put my reviews.  After that, another opportunity fell in my lap, and then another and another.  So as of yet, I’ve been able to work with Alien Gear Holsters, Ranged Apparel Co., Less Government More Fun, and I have a few other things in the works right now.  It’s been overwhelming at times, but very rewarding, and with the Summer shooting season over, I am looking forward to writing and putting more of myself into my site. 

> How long have you been writing it?

I have had my blog up since April of this year, so it’s still fairly new.

> What’re some of your favorite articles on it?

I would have to say my favorites are definitely articles that relate to the Second Amendment. That’s my first passion, and in my opinion, the guardian and keeper of all the other conservative causes I believe in.

> Aside from blogging, you take the challenge of fighting for Conservative values on Twitter. How important is social media to the fight?

I think Social Media is very important. The ability to reach so many people at any given time is invaluable. Although one must be careful, myself included, of where we get our news from, because as ‘they’ say, ‘Not everything on the internet is true’. For me it’s been a great networking tool, giving me the opportunity to meet and get in touch with people that I otherwise would not have been able to before, and has been played a key part in starting my blog. And of course, that’s how I met you.

> Lately, you have been active in supporting the Second Amendment. You are a member of the NRA. Why do you think the NRA has become the Left’s boogeyman?

I think It’s because it’s the largest, and most known organization for gun rights. So of course, that puts a huge target on our backs, no pun intended. The NRA has roughly 5 million in membership, and its members are from all walks of life, from professional to blue collar, men, women, gay, straight, different beliefs and different races. When you have that many different people focused on one cause, it can be a difficult thing to break through. As much as liberals would like everyone to think that we’re all just a bunch of white, bigoted, uneducated, religious fanatics, it’s just not true. I obviously don’t fit that criteria. And as we know, it’s not about guns, it’s about being able to control people, groups of people.

> Were you always a Conservative or was it a slow process?

Yes. I was raised in a Christian home and went to Christian schools. As an adult I’ve learned to question and investigate in order to make those beliefs truly mine.

> Any advice for Conservatives wanting to start a blog?

I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate my own blog… maybe ask me that a year from now. Seriously though, as with anything I do, stay true to yourself, always be willing to learn, and learn from others. Most of all, don’t be afraid to put in the hard work and make mistakes along the way. There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of knowing that you persevered through trial and error, came out on the other side and probably learned a thing or two.

> One last question, Is there a book by the Shooter’s Wife in the future?

 A book?… I have often wished I’d kept a journal all these years; I guess it’s never too late to start. I’d like to think someone else would find my life interesting, so who knows. A year ago I would’ve never guessed I’d have my own blog. So for right now, I’m content and extremely grateful to all those who continue to follow me there and on Twitter (@Shooters_Wife). Getting back to your question, I wouldn’t rule a book out, so far now I’ll just say, “To be continued”…

That concluded our interview. I enjoyed speaking with Mia a great deal. Like I said earlier, she is very pleasant and fun to talk to. Check out her blog and then be sure to follow her on Twitter. You will not be disappointed.

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