11 Cool Autobots From The Old School Show That Got Rotten Plots

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Transformers has a way of bringing people together or tearing them apart. My best friend and I loved the classic show, Beast Wars, and Transformers Prime. However, he hates the films and I think they are cool despite their mistakes. Previously, I did a best to worst article on the TV shows, but today, I’m changing focus.

The old show had its ups, downs, lefts, and rights. However, in between season 2, the movie, and the last two seasons, some Autobots got really lame endings. Here are 11 Cool Autobots From The Old School Show That Got Rotten Plots.

11. Wheeljack– He is the masterful inventor from season one and two. He was charming and he created the Dinobots. However, in the original film, he was seen laying dead, a casualty of the battle of Autobot City on Earth. He did not even get a heroic end.

10. Elita One– After having a starring role in The Search For Alpha Trion, but then she just vanished. Despite the obvious romance between her and Optimus Prime, she only mentioned once more in one other episode.

09. Ironhide– He was a favorite among fans, yet he gets blown to pieces in the movie as Megatron utters, “Such heroic nonsense.” Though he died a hero, I would have liked to see him in future story lines.

08. Sky Fire– Now, Hasbro lost the right to the name Sky Fire and he has since been referred to as Jet-Fire. In the show, he only has brief appearances, but in Dark Awakening, he is seen along with Powerglide getting blown away by the Quintessons. What a waste for a great character.

07. Devcon– This Autobot bounty hunter hunts a different kind of Decepticon. He hunts criminals as seen in The Gambler. He had this single episode and then he never even mentioned despite his obvious skill.

06. Huffer– This grouch just kind of vanished. It was not until Dark Awakening that we found out that he died during the Great War. He was such a big character only to just get a read of his tombstone.

05. Blaster– He was a sound master and patrolman for the Autobots. However, after the movie, he became this oddball character that only spoke rap. He returned to normal briefly during The Return of Optimus Prime.

04. Sandstorm– He joins the Autobots after he is forced to sacrifice his planet so the Decepticons can’t steal its endless energy. He has one more appearance where he tries to help Octane get asylum. After that, not even a cameo.

03. Cliffjumper– The voice actor threw a hissy fit about one of the human villains. However, his character could have gone on. The voice was not all that unique. It is sad when he just disappeared.

02. Jazz– Okay, so I know the original voice actor died shortly after the movie. This one seems unfair, but this smooth talking Autobot was one of the best. It is such a waste that he only had bit appearances after the movie.

01. Rodimus Prime– After he gained the Matrix in the film, the show really did his story bad. They made him become a whiner and very insensitive. It would have been cool to see him grow into being a leader.

That is my list. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comment section below. Be sure to like and share this post. Don’t forget to subscribe for more articles like this one.

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