Graphic Novel Review- Batman Ten Nights Of The Beasts


Batman: Ten Nights Of The Beasts is a graphic novel based on the four part miniseries that introduces the KGBeast to Gotham City. It is written by Jim Starlin and illustrated by Jim Aparo. It introduces the first villain that intimidates the Batman.

This story takes place during the Ronald Reagan administration in the post-Crisis and pre-Final Crisis/New 52 universe.

Gotham City is hosting an event for the president to celebrate the Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars” program). One by one, certain key members of the programs begin to die under mysterious circumstances.

The CIA and the FBI bring Commissioner Jim Gordon into help. Gordon, of course, brings in Batman and Robin to help find the killer.

The hitman is a former KGB Agent named Anatoli Knyazev aka the Beast aka the KGBeast. He is one of the most deadly killers to come out of the Soviet Union. To make matters worse, he might have a mole.

Batman comes to face to face with the Beast. During their first battle, Batman has a revelation: the Beast is more dedicated to his cause than Batman is to his. The proof: the Beast cuts off his own hand to evade capture, something Batman would never consider.

Batman inwardly struggles with how to defeat such a monster. As the body count rises, President Reagan decides to come to Gotham, complicating matters.

This is one of the darkest stories that I have read and the ending is very controversial (though they solve it in the next issue which is not included in the graphic novel.) I enjoyed reading it and though it involves politics, it stays neutral. It does not get bogged down in the politically correct crap that plagues DC Comics today.

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